Philly-Cheesesteak Quesadillas

Filled with roast beef, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions, this Philly Cheesesteak quesadilla is a concise and smooth way to get a cheesy steak in 30 minutes.In fact, I hate flirting with Philadelphia.First of all, I hate her because I am from Pittsburgh.As we all know, when you are from Pittsburgh, you hate both Philadelphia and Cleveland, especially when it comes to sports.I also hate Philadelphia because it is nowhere to be found.As soon as I arrived at the roundabout in the city, I was looking for a parking space, so I had to make an appointment with a friend for dinner. I switched half an hour late due to the fact that I switched to use (I should have made a bigger good fortune if I already knew what I turned into).

* ingredients :

° 2 1/2 tsp vegetable oil divided
° Half a onion, sliced
° Half a green pepper, sliced
° 2 divided white mushroom
° Four chips (eight inches)
° 1/4 pounds (four ounces) roast beef, reduced to 1-inch strips
° Four slices of provolone cheese

* directions :

Heat tsp oil in a saucepan on  mediuum heat.Add onions, bell peppers and mushrooms and cook for about 810 minutes until tender.
In some other huge skillet over medium heat, load the last teaspoon of oil. Once hot, add 1 tortilla.Half an omelet with a slice of cheese, some roast beef and some onion mixture.Fold the tortilla in half and make it into a crescent shape.When the cheese is completely melted and brown spots appear on the bottom of the cake, turn the quesadilla over and bake the last side until golden brown.Place on a cutting board and cut in half.
Repeat with the rest of the ingredients. Submit it immediately.

Enjoy !