Why You Shouldn’t Hurt Daddy Long Legs: Expert’s Explanation


Seeing bugs in our homes usually sends many of us on a swatting frenzy. However, there's one leggy creature you might want to spare: the Daddy Long Legs. Karl Curtis, from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, gives us some insights on why these little guys deserve a pass.

First up, let’s clear the air. Despite their spider-like appearance, Daddy Long Legs aren't spiders at all. They're actually a type of cranefly from the Tipulidae family. And no, they don't bite or have venom. In other words, they’re totally harmless.

Why should we care about them, though? Well, they're like a snack buffet for many birds, including sparrows and robins. By letting Daddy Long Legs do their thing, we're actually supporting a healthy ecosystem. They might not steal the limelight, but they’re crucial players in nature’s big picture.

[Image Source: suratoho/Getty Images/iStockphoto]

If you ever bump into a Daddy Long Legs in your home, consider giving them a safe escort out. Here's how:

Stay Calm: Remember, they're probably more scared of you. Approach gently.

Grab a Glass and Card: Trap the insect under the glass and then slide the card below.

Time to Relocate: Head to the nearest window or door.

Free the Little Fella: Lift the glass and let the Daddy Long Legs head back outside.

By doing this, you're not only saving an innocent critter but also playing a part in a thriving ecosystem.

The next time one of these leggy insects pays you a visit, keep Karl Curtis’ words in mind and let them go. It's a small action that contributes to the vast web of life around us.