Why you should never fasten other keys to your car's ignition key


Hey there, did you know your car key does more than just start your engine? But if you're one of those people who have a million keys dangling from it, you might be causing more harm than you think. Here's why:

Why You Should Think Twice About Overloading Your Car Keychain:

Too Much Stress: Every time you start your car, your ignition key sets off a series of events. If you've got a heavy bunch of keys hanging off it, this adds extra stress and strain, wearing it out faster. No one wants to dish out cash for repairs, right?

It's Not Just About Starting Your Car: Modern cars are high-tech. Their ignition systems are set up to make everything run smoothly. Add in extra weight, and you're messing with this balance, potentially leading to startup troubles and even electrical glitches.

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