Easy Mexican Casserole

* Ingredients : 

°1 pound lean beef
°1 can ranch beans
°1 bag 10-12 oz. tortilla chips, crushed
°1 can tomato roe-tel
°1 small onion chopped
°2 c cheddar cheese, divided
°1 packet taco season
°1 field of cream of chicken soup
°half cup water
°Sour cream & sauce,

Preheat oven 325 degrees.
In a massive skillet, brown the meat and dry the fat.
Adding beans, tomatoes, onions, taco season, soup, and water.
Cook over medium-low warmness till the entirety is nicely combined and heated through.
Grease a nine x thirteen casserole dish.
Top with a layer of mashed tortilla chips, accompanied via way of means of a layer of the beef/bean mixture, then 1/2 of of the cheddar cheese.
Repeat the layers.
Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 20-half-hour or till bubbling.
Leave it for 5-10 mins earlier than serving.
Covered with bitter cream and sauce.

Enjoy !