°10 ounces mozzarella cheese (or 10 sticks)
°1 cup Italian rusk
°1 cup flour
°2 eggs
°1/4 cup milk
°cayenne pepper (optional)


Taking cutting board & chop cheese sticks to bite-size pieces.
In a medium-sized bowl, add the eggs and whisk to break up the eggs. Adding milk & whisk again to mix the 2 ingredients.
Set apart 2 more bowls. Filling one with flour & other with breadcrumbs. Placing bowl with egg and milk blend in middle of this line, so you now have three bowls in row (flour, eggs, breadcrumbs).
Taking one piece mozzarella cheese. Dipping it in flour and then into egg mixture. Now, rolling your piece cheese in breadcrumbs. Keep doing this to all cheese pieces are coat. You can placing every finished piece on a plate time it is complete.
In  skillet, heat vegetable oil (for 2 inches high) to 350 degrees.)
Pull out a plate and line it with a paper towel.
Add 5-7 pieces in the oil for 30 seconds. Make sure to keeping them separate so they don't stick!
Frying mozzarella bites to golden brown . Use a perforated spoon, removing pieces from oil & placing them on paper.
Repeat this process in different batches until you have fried all of your bites.

Serving directly with pasta sauce or eat it on its own!