This article will show you the different ways to use the amazing Vicks VapoRub:

Toenails and Toenail Fungus:
Apply a little VapoRub to the affected nails twice daily, then put on your socks.

Relieves symptoms congestion & cough:
Place the VapoRub on your chest and throat. It will help relieve congestion and treat a cough.

Prevents cat scratches:
Rub walls, doors and windows with VapoRub to prevent your cat from scratching them.

The speed of wound healing and splinters:
Apply the Vicks to cuts and splinters to speed up the healing process and prevent infections.

stretch marks
Applying some Vicks on the affected area will get rid of the stretch marks easily and quickly.

Prevent pet from urinating inside:
Place an open bottle of VapoRub in different corners of your home to prevent your pet from urinating in those places.

Eczema treatment:
Applying VapoRub to the affected area will eliminate the inflammation and itching caused by this skin condition.

Relieves ear pain:
Put a cotton ball with VapoRub in the affected ear and you will feel immediate improvement. Another option is to heat a clove of garlic and then apply the vicks to it and insert the clove into the sore ear opening.

Athlete's foot:
In order to relieve infection, apply VapoRub to the affected areas several times a day.

Wart removal:
Apply VapoRub to warts twice a day and cover the area with gauze or a sock - this will remove the warts in a few days! Continue treatment until the wart is completely gone.

Keep Mosquitoes Away:
Put some VapoRub on your clothes and skin and the mosquitoes will stay away.

Headache and sinusitis:
Here's something that will help you with a sinus headache: Put some VapoRub under your nose and inhale deeply - the menthol in the ointment will calm the headache.  

Against acne:
Did you know that VapoRub can remove acne from your skin? Just apply it to the affected area a few times a day and it will dry quickly.
Relieves muscle pain:
Massage your sore muscles with the VapoRub, then cover the area with a warm towel. Lie down until the pain subsides and repeat the process three times daily for best results.