Coconut Cream Pie

This coconut pie recipe, I've really gone to find it, has been around 50 years in the past to be exact. A moms recipe from the '50s and '60s, this extra-rich and creamy tart is garnished with coconut.

+Recipe for 1 tart 22 cm
+Preparation time: 20 minutes
+Cooking time: 20 minutes
+Total recipe time: 4 hours 40
+Coconut cream pie
°400 ml of coconut milk (14 oz)
°400 ml of 10% coffee cream (14 oz and a half and a half) - any 10% liquid cream will do
°2 eggs
°150g white sugar (3/4 cup)
°65 grams corn flour or cornstarch (half a cup)
°1 bowl of Betty Crocker white or Philadelphia cream (buy it here) or sweet icing of your choice
°pinch of salt
°1 teaspoon vanilla
°1 pie crust already made 22.5 cm graham crackers (you can buy them here
°100 g grated coconut (1 1/4 to 1 and 1/2 cups)

This pie, as you can see from the photos, very creamy and rich to say the least, is an old classic.
A bowl of shredded coconut
A quick and easy to prepare recipe that requires little to no refrigeration. It's not the best American candy from a gastronomic standpoint, but it will give you a good idea of ​​what kind of candy we had in the days when cars were pink or light blue, where all men had a mustache and a suit, and women generally stayed at home with an apron around their waists. 
It is also a very good recipe for beginners, because there is no difficulty if you carefully watch the cooking of the device, because the thickening occurs suddenly, and it should not be thick either. 
Graham crackers pie crust
Feel free to share this coconut pie with your friends, anyway you won't be able to eat it with less than 8 people.

Enjoy !