°3 oz of blue raspberry flavored gelatin mix
°1 c boiling water
°½ c cold vodka
°½ c cold water
°20 peach ring erasers
°20 bears


 On  tray arrange your cups, reserving for later. This is also great time to making sure you have room in your fridge for tray of jello shots.
In  measuring c with pour spout or mixing bowl with pour spout, adding 1 cup boiling water also your jelly.
Beat to the jelly is totally dissolved.
Add your ½ cup of vodka & ½ cup of water. Whisking again.
Carefully pour the mixture to cups almost to the top.
Placing them in fridge for at least 3 h or to set. (overnight is recommended)
Place a gummy ring on each then cut a gummy bear in half and stick one in each ring.
Keeping them refrigerated until ready to serve also keeping them cool when serve.
These will keep well in the fridge for a week!

Enjoy !