Cleaning the tub without breaking your back !

You must choose the right products!
If you had to scrub, scrub, scrub to restore some shine to your bathroom, you didn't choose the right product. Yet it is the key to perfect cleaning. First, the basic: Invest in an enamel cleanser. It is often a cream that is applied with large movements and rubbed under hot water to remove impurities. It can be lemon-based or bleach, whatever it is, it will be just as effective. Important is this famous creamy texture, which is gentle on the enamel, but is able to paint the residues to get rid of them better.

Then it's time to clean the taps, which are a pity if they become clogged with scale and lose their luster! The more we leave the problem lingering, the more difficult it becomes to solve it. Once a week, apply a specific anti-tarnish product and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. If peeling is severe, turn up the speed by letting it sit for an hour. No more so as not to damage stainless steel...

And the shower cup then? How do you make it transparent? Because it is she who asks us most gymnastics. Admittedly, it's a window, but it has nothing to do with the living room. Blame it on limestone and traces of soap that precipitate unabashedly. The best solution is to wash with a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a little hot water, to which white vinegar has been added. Simply clean with a sponge and rinse with a mop.
Since we are talking about sponges, be sure to choose them well. Faucets, for example, have a hard time supporting the very abrasive side (the green side), just like the enamel of your bathtub. It is best to use large, flexible, and soft sponges, and only use larger tools if there is a lot of dirt or in a few areas that are very dirty.
Finally, beware of multi-use products. It is not aggressive, but it may lack effectiveness. Wanting to do everything, the work is lousy! It is best to choose the right product from the beginning, even if the investment seems higher. In the end, the sheen of your bathtub will be better preserved. And learn how to dose your products as accurately as possible, neither too much nor too little.
The right things to do
Here you are equipped like a chef, all that remains is to clean...while saving you money. And indeed, to avoid washing, it is still necessary not to get dirty. A little family tip, put a squeegee at the bathroom exit and have everyone scrub the glass after washing, this prevents the lime from settling. If you add a small microfiber towel to polish it, this is the highest level of hygiene, but your kids may complain a little. As in the bathtub, no one leaves without going through a jet to remove traces of soap. Ditto, wiping it with the sponge after each use keeps it polished for longer. Developed these good habits, there comes a time when you still have to roll up your sleeves!

For bathtub:
Start with the wall tiles by rubbing the cleaning cream with a soft sponge. If necessary, insist on the soiled areas with a toothbrush between the tiles. Then we move on to the bathtub (inside and out) itself. Rinse with warm water making sure to remove the product. Finish the faucets by buffing with a dry cloth.

- to shower:
Start with the shower block with the recipe recommended above, then move to the bathtub with the famous washing cream. We finish with taps and the handle. If the shower is very dirty, especially around the edges, apply an anti-scale product to its entire surface and let it sit for ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

For the basin:
This is the easiest part, drop the product in, gently rub and rinse well. Make sure to dry it with a towel to avoid streaks.