The exceptional Chicken and Broccoli Cheesy Casserole


°olive oil 1 tablespoon
°1 small onion chopped
°2 small chicken breasts
°Half a teaspoon of salt
°Half a teaspoon of black pepper
°four crush garlic cloves
°cup raw rice
°10 oz cream of chicken soup (1 package)
°three cups much less salty chicken broth
°2 cups broccoli florets
°1 cup cheddar cheese
°1 tablespoon minced parsley


The first step:
Take a massive skillet and warmth the olive oil. Then upload the medium length onions and chopped chicken pieces.
Cook till they flip brown. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook for any other 30 seconds.
The 2d step:
Next, placed the rice, chicken soup and  cups of hen broth. You can upload more. Cook the rice completely. This have to be accomplished in fifteen mins.
Third step:
Add broccoli and cheese and cook for any other 2 mins to soften.
The fourth step:
Then upload the cheese cap on pinnacle and vicinity it at the broiler till it turns brown.

Enjoy !