°2 Egg
°1 box(es) of mozzarella
°50g. of flour


Are you tired of surprise breads to offer at your receptions? The small bites of fried Mozzarella are the ultimate to delight your guests at aperitif time.

Start by pouring the flour into a bowl and set aside for the rest of the preparation of the recipe.

In a separate container, beat the eggs using an electric or manual whisk until the mixture is slightly frothy.

Add a pinch of salt.

Drain the Mozzarella Galbani balls using a colander.

Take a first ball, dip it in the liquid containing the beaten eggs and then roll it in the bowl containing the flour. Repeat the operation with the other mozzarella balls.

Heat a greased skillet over medium heat.

Include the marinated balls of Mozzarella Galbani.

Let it fry for a moment.

The bites are ready when they have taken on a nice golden appearance.

The recipe for fried bites is to be served hot as an aperitif.

Enjoy !