Chicken and Dumplins


°1 chicken
°2-3 packets Pillsbury biscuits (small biscuits, not larger biscuits like Grandes)
°Chicken Cream Soup
°Half a cup of flour
°Salt and pepper to taste

*Directions :

Removing giblets from chicken & discard it, washing chicken
Chicken with pepper & salt
Putting chicken in  saucepan, covering with water, & boilling to chicken is cooked through (about 45 min).
When chicken is cook, take it out & let it cool
Save all meat from chicken
While chicken is cool, opening crackers also roll out every pieceDipping or scrape biscuits in flour, then cutting every piece to 4 pieces 
Add the Cream of Chicken Soup to the broth, then drop in the crackers and let them cook while you pull the meat off the chicken.
Adding chicken, salt & pepper to taste.