Bundt Cake breakfast

* What do you need:

°1 cup bacon
°2 c tater tots… still frozen
°1 dozen scrambled eggs
°1 box (😎 Pillsbury Grand Biscuits, chopped (raw)
°2 c. Cheese...your choice...I used cheddar
°1/4 c milk


All mixed together. Put in a greased frying pan. Bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. When done, turn it over on a plate, cut it and serve
You can use any meat or any vegetables you want!!!! The secret is not to add too much bread and add just the right amount of potatoes...they were sliced ​​and thought it was hash brown without making it thick! I've made this SOOOOO multiple times and varied the ingredients almost every time! But this morning these were the simple ingredients I used!!! So be creative!!!! You won't find this recipe anywhere because I made it as usual

Enjoy !