Brown Sugar Chops


°4 1 inch pork chops
°four tsp brown sugar, packed
°four tsp butter
°1 tsp soy sauce
°1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

*Methods :

*The first step:
Set oven to preheat  350 degrees F .
In a big oiled frying pan, place the beef chops.
*The 2nd step:
Adding 1 tsp of brown sugar to every piece meat.
Then upload 1 tablespoon of butter to every beef chop as well.
*Third step:
Finally, drizzle every soybeans & Worcestershire sauce.
Use tin foil, cowl beef chops & bake in oven for forty mins.
*The fourth step:
After the forty mins have passed, do away with the tin foil and keep baking for 20 mins.
The pork chops will flip golden brown and attain an inner temperature of one hundred forty five degrees F .