How to Clean Jewelry Naturally & Silverware Too!

STEP 1: Chamoise about money & Cape Cod Polishing
Here are the two best solutions for cleaning your silver jewelry.
The first, a simple chamois for silver.

The second, an incredible wipe that comes straight from the United States, Cape Cod.

A cloth for cash can be bought at the drugstore (not very common nowadays) or simply on the Internet.
We recommend the Hagery brand.
Very effective.
It is perfect for cleaning your silver and silver metal jewelry. It is a specially treated cotton fabric that gently cleanses, restores shine and shine.
This product is used by all jewelers. Simple, fast, efficient and super economical.

STEP 2: Clean your silver jewelry with lemon
Let's start with a food that everyone has at home!
Clean silver-jewelry with lemon, method: bring your toothbrush that you have previously soak in lemon juice.
Rinse all & wipe dried with  lint-free cotton cloth.

=> Other impacts of lemon: lemon will also be very use-ful for remov blood stains, cleaning your tooth enamel, whitening joints, and even mmakecopper shine!

On the health side, the traditional morning lemon accompanied by lukewarm water is the friend for your health, it is the champion of antioxidant polyphenols and a natural anti-inflammatory.  

STEP 3: Cleaning your silver jewelry with toothpaste
Another very interesting element at hand. Toothpaste, with its polishing action, is a wonderful cleanser for the money.