Here's a quick and easy recipe for jam-filled donuts that are much better than those bought at the bakery or supermarkets. Children can help you make the donut dough which is very simple.It only remains to stuff them with a little jam.And after a few fries, you can have fun!

* Ingredients :

° 500 g flour
° 200 ml of milk
° 2 eggs
° 25 g baker's yeast
° 2 tbsp. full of powdered sugar
° 1 pinch of salt
° JJam  (strawberry-apricot-raspberry ...)
° frying oil (sunflower)
° icing sugar


Crumble the baker's yeast in a bowl. Add 100 g of flour and 4 tbsp. tsp lukewarm milk.mix well % let sit in warm place for 2 hours.  
2.Pour remaining 400g flour to  large bowl. Add sugar, salt and mix well. Dig a well in the center. Pour in eggs & stirring with whisk. Adding sourdough & milk while blending with  whisk. You must obtain very homogeneous dough. Permit rise again for  some hours, or even overnight.
3.After resting, knead the dough again and spread it out on the work surface or on a floured pastry board. Cut out circles 6 cm in diameter using a cookie cutter.
Arrange 1 tsp.of jam in the center of each circle and cover with a second round of dough to form a donut. Pinch the edges well, in order to stick them together (with a little water or milk if necessary to weld the edges well). Let 45 min at room temperature.
Heat some fry oil in saucepan & dip donuts in it.
When they are golden brown, drain them on paper towels then sprinkle them with icing sugar. Enjoy them warm or cold !

Enjoy !