Did You Know If You Store Strawberries In A Glass Jar They'll Last For Weeks ?

I had no clue, I've been using a refreshing trick on strawberries and it's usually eaten up pretty quickly here.

However, sometimes there are a lot of strawberries and you want to store them, and while freezing is an option, I don't want to freeze them all if I can store them longer in the fridge.

This woman shared a tip that can make strawberries last for weeks in the fridge and I should try it and see for myself

It took me 36 years to discover that if you put strawberries in glass jars, they last forever! 😳

  Those, they don't have a lie word, they are over 3 weeks old. From the superstore. I'm lucky if you make them last for 5 days before they start spinning when I buy them from there. I don't know who knows this trick either, but if you don't, you're welcome! 🍓