Magic Cleaner Recipe

This softener works very well!!! I'm not sure.If you haven't tried it, you can believe how accurate the cleaning result is.I try to use it as an opportunity to use harsh chemicals in shower products.Even the shiny glass door in my bathroom works.

The washbasin and sink are also lit, and at the end of the remaining 12 months of the season I tried them out on the grill and they handled the buildup really well!The stainless steel grille is not yet leveled, but this makes the process very fast and tedious.
I used to put Bon ami cleaner on fully laminated dutch ovens and chose this as an alternative because the pictures look faster.
I sprinkle it inside the pan, let it marinate for some time, and as soon as I come back anything that comes with a hand brush is cooked through. It is undoubtedly great! I made 1.   The formula is five times longer, so you need to put it in a squeeze bottle - heat 16 ounces of vinegar in two parts, 5 minutes in the microwave and 12. Sixty-six ounces from dawn.  

* ingredients :
° 24 ounces White vinegar
° 19 fl oz, Blue Dawn Power Clean

* directions :

Add 8-1/2 ounces of Dawn's Cleaning Soap to two spray bottles.Microwave the vinegar and add 120 ounces to each bottle.Close the lid and shake gently to mix.You now have an effective cleaning solution that can dissolve soapy water, bathroom and toilet debris, and clean sinks, appliances, and everything in between.

Tried using it in a pot/fryer/casserole to remove the damned ingredients from baked goods, I also use it on the grill, no doubt it can cut down on the fat!Just spray, scrub, rinse, and you should be fine.

To increase tough cleaning soap deposits, spray the mixture and leave it overnight. Then, scrub and rinse.

Enjoy !