How to employ baking soda to get Rid of Belly, Arm, Thigh, & Back Fat ?

When we now prevent awareness of our diet, we generally tend to benefit from the greater weight our skeleton can handle.Scientists say that we can make full use of our weight, but our energy consumption cannot exceed the energy intake.Although this stability is broken, it can be expected to have dire consequences.In this case, fat will accumulate in any part of the body, such as palms or palms.Due to the effect of total weight on our bones, fat is deposited on our palms.Our palms are often the last burden. The fat is retained in those cells at the same time as there will be no more exclusive part of the body. When fat accumulates inside the palm, it turns flabby habit.

1- Baking soda & lemon recipe:

* Ingredients :
° Juice Lemon.
° 1 tsp baking soda
° 1/4 c water.
 * Method of training and use:
First you need to add the baking soda to the water and stir it in some cups until you pour the baking soda into the water, then load inside the lemon juice and stir to mix. 
Drinking this liquid eash day 20 min before breakfast.

2- Baking soda & apple vinegar cider recipe:

* ingredients:
1 tsp baking soda
1 c water.
2 tsp apple vinegar cider
* Method of training and use:
Whatever you do, you can mix all the ingredients in a cup of water and stir the cup together until the baking soda flows.
Drink it every day before breakfast, you will be aware of the results after a few days, but in an orderly fashion, and if you need a faster result, you can also do sports activities with the drink. 

3- Baking soda & fruit recipe:

* ingredients :
° Some mint leaves
1 c strawberry.
1 teaspoon baking soda
° A glass of water.
° Juice of 3 lemons.
* Method of training and use:
Mix all the ingredients together and blend them in a blender. Drink it 2 a day.
With the continuation and regularity of any of the three recipes, you will be privy to the results after a brief at the same time, and for best results, try to reduce sugar similarly to flour, likewise, you can exercise for a minimum of 31 minutes each day.