Dry sheets can do more than just keep your clothes warm and fragrant.Here are 20 ideas to make the most of your dry towels.

Pet Fur Extractor
Just a few quick strokes with used dryer sheets can remove pet hair from your clothes.

Electronics cleaning
After using drying paper, do not dispose of it. It makes a great duster for TVs, laptops...

Electronics cleaning
... game consoles and more.Capture dust and lint to form an invisible barrier to reduce static electricity.
air freshener
If your room smells a bit musty, freshen it up with a sheet.Remove one of the fabric softener grids and place new dry paper on the floor.

air freshener
When replacing the grille, the air passing through the hole will be perfumed with a pleasant aroma.Make sure to change the sheets once a week to avoid accumulating dust that obstructs the airflow.

Sharpening scissors
Do you have dull scissors? Don't get rid of them.You can sharpen it by shredding dry paper.

clean the bathroom
Keep dry sheets used for wiping the sink, toilet tank, and other places that need a quick polish.

The lightweight texture of dryer sheets picks up bits of lint and dirt better than paper towels.

shoes refurbishment
Eliminate shoe odors by placing a new dryer sheet in each shoe before bed.Your shoes smell good in the morning.

Make cleaning pads
There's no need to buy new Swiffer Duster cleaning pads or other refillable Duster pads.Place two used dry paper towels on the cleaning pad area. It works fine as you recycle.

Dust ceiling fans
You don't need to climb a step ladder to clean the ceiling fan with this tip.Just use a pair of rubber bands to fix the used blotting paper to the end of the long-handled paint roller handle.

The angle of the paint roller is perfect for cleaning the tops of the blades and the length of the handle keeps you on the ground safely.

Clean oven racks
If your oven racks are dirty, fill your bathtub halfway with warm water, add your oven racks, and dip in 1/2 cup of dish soap and eight drying sheets.
Let them soak overnight, scrub with drying sheets and rinse.

Nix metal in dishwasher
Hard water can leave mineral deposits in the dishwasher.It may be difficult to remove.

Removing hard water stains in dishwashers
Use a damp towel to scrub away any mineral deposits.
Renew your wardrobe
You can refresh each tray by adding one or two pieces of dry paper.

Renew the vacuum cleaner
Do you have a stinky vacuum?Before vacuuming, put a new dry cloth in a jar or bag. It will smell both the vacuum cleaner and your room.

taming aviation
On days with low humidity, static electricity can make your hair stand on end.To soothe loose hair, apply conditioner to your hair. It has created a thousand miracles.

Remove the deodorant stain
When you rush out the door and realize your deodorant has left a mark on your shirt, don't go change it.Take out the used dry cloth and wipe it.

Pick up a dry spot
Flour or other dry, powdery substances can be easily wiped off with a used drying paper.

Burnt pot repair
Who left nothing on the stove and ended up with a mess of burnt food at the bottom of the pot?A simple solution is to put a new dry cloth into a pan with a few inches of boiling water.Let it soak overnight and it will immediately remove the burnt food.

Wipe the grease
Used dryer sheets are also great for wiping oily dirt from oven vents, pots and other kitchen utensils.

Quick Scan
After each load, take your used dryer sheets and wipe the outside of your washer and dryer to keep it as clean as your laundry.