10 amazing but wonderful ways to using onions

If you stay away from onions due to their tendency to stimulate tears within the eyes and horrifying breath odor, you are missing out on the endless benefits this bloated root vegetable has to offer!   In addition to diet C and quality fiber, onions also contain significant amounts of quercetin, which is believed to be a flavonoid to eliminate loose roots within the framework and reduce cardiovascular disease, stroke, and multiple types of risks.   Regardless of nutritional advantages, onions are distinctive in poultry For normal sudden it has been used, it will not cause bad breath:

1. Insect repellent.According to WonderHowTo, a bowl of chopped onions anywhere in your house-ants or moths-will make them disappear.live traditionally, rub fresh onions before going outside to prevent insects from entering your body (onions are sometimes used as food.   Insect repellents for dogs or cats to teach animals Pets stay away from the positive part of the family.However, onions are surprisingly toxic to pets, so this method is not always recommended.)

2. Bandage for minor wounds. Onion peels are thin and thin and can go along with the pores and skin to help prevent bleeding, consistent with traditional reports, initially, it is undesirable to use preservatives because onions have antiseptic properties of the herbs.  

3: Fill a pair of leggings with a bowl of pink or yellow onions and tie them together at WonderHowTo, put the pot in a saucepan or saucepan, add water, simmer for 20-30 minutes, then remove.

4. Medicine against nausea.  Extract the juice from white or yellow onions and drink 2 teaspoons at a time; as an alternative,drink 1 teaspoon of blood-free peppermint tea and leave it for 5 minutes in between each.

5. Neutral odor. Onions are very finely chopped, and only an unpleasant smell can be felt from the bottom, especially with clean paint or varnish. Just put the slides in a bowl with some water, and I agree with Reader's Digest, they will be in the center of the room.

6. Grill cleaner.This smooth edge comes from : Cut the onion in half and pierce it with a sturdy fork and grill.Roast the onion until shiny and ready to use.  

7. salt.  To get rid of vertigo, place a clean onion on the person's nose. Rusty knife cleaner.Or follow Reader's Digest's advice: hit the green with the usual stab action. 

 9. Method of removing debris. Stressed splinters that refuse to be squeezed can be removed with the onion, use duct tape to tape a small piece of raw onion. explained that fixing it for an hour should be enough to get rid of the debris; WonderHowTo recommends letting the onion sit overnight.  

10. Avoid freezing windshield. The night before, wipe the glass with clean onions," With powerful disease-fighting flavonoids and many good things that can be used at home, you will not be able to eat too many onions! Share this article, and let us know your wonderful comments on Onion in the comments below.