This intercourse withinside the pan has a loopy call for dessert, however it is one of the satisfactory cakes you may ever have—it is more often than not pudding with a crunchy pecan backside crust.    
A slice of intercourse in a frying pan on a plate
Over five years ago, I shared this splendid dessert with you and also you men cherished it!This is one of the most famous recipes I have at Jo Cooks, and there may be a reason.

* Ingredients :

+ for layers:
° 1 cup all-cause flour
° half cup tender butter
° 3/four cup chopped pecans
° eight oz. of tender cheese
° 1 cup confectioners' sugar
° Four cups of frozen whipped cream
°1 proposal package (5.1 oz) immediate vanilla pudding blend
° four cups bloodless milk, divided
°1 (five.nine oz) immediate chocolate pudding blend
+ To decorate:
° Chocolate chips as desired
° Small chocolate chip tasting  
° Roasted coconut tasting
° American walnuts as desired
° Toffee chips as desired

* instructions :

Preheat oven to 350°F, blend flour, butter, and walnuts, then press right into a nine" x 13" x 2" skillet.Baking in a preheated oven about 18-22 min .Placing pan on a metal rack also let it cool totally
Bake the intercourse in a frying pan and permit it cool at the rack
In a bowl, whisk cream cheese till blended.Add sugar to the batter, then add 2 cups of whipped filling.Use a decorative spatula to spread the cream cheese mixture on the cooling pan.
Cream cheese layer  
Mix a bag of vanilla pudding with a cup of bloodless milk.Gently pour the mixture onto a layer of cream cheese and stir.Vanilla Pudding Layer  
Mix the chocolate pudding bag with the resealable milk cup.Scoop the chocolate pudding onto the vanilla pudding.Chocolate Pudding Layer 
Spread 2 cups of whipped cream on the chocolate pudding.
Whipped cream layer  
Sprinkle with mini chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, curls, toasted coconut, toffeechips, chopped walnuts, or a mixture of  or greater to fit your taste.    
Chocolate cream and nuts on pinnacle of the whipped topping
Cover the pan and positioned the dessert withinside the refrigerator till serving time.