Have you ever heard of this dessert, Sex in a Pan? It has been round for a long time. It has a scrumptious cookie base full of layers of cream cheese and pudding mixes and topped with Cole Whip. Pretty an awful lot can't pass incorrect with it!!!

This is one of these popular recipes that you'll be wanting withinside the clean cakes section. A crowd-fed dessert, one that everybody loves, clean to hold and informal for any family or pal getting collectively.

All components are easily layered in a 9" x 13" skillet. This makes a great immediately dessert for events and gatherings.

* Ingredients  :

° butter
° All-purpose flour
° chopped pecans
° icing sugar
° light cream cheese
° immediately chocolate pudding
° vanilla pudding
° 2% milk (five cups milk)
° cold whip
° semi-sweet chocolate box

* How do you are making 
Sex in a frying pan served brown

To make Sex in a Pan, you will want a baking dish that can pass from warm to cold—so a tumbler baking dish works simply fine.

Mix the crust first with the pecans, flour and butter collectively and bake. Then the next layer is made the usage of Cool Whip, cream cheese and powdered sugar.

Spread the cream cheese mixture over the crust. Then we blend the pudding one by one with cold milk and placed a layer of vanilla pudding first, then distribute the chocolate pudding on top of the vanilla layer.

Finally, spread the remaining Cool Whip over the chocolate pudding, add the grated chocolate, cool and serve!

Enjoy !