My Clothes Were Never Pure White & Fresh Smelling After Wash, Then My Neighbor Told Me This Trick !


It is not easy to make white clothes glow white after each wash.Expensive cleaners or detergents may not work, and they may all be chemicals.

But stains may not be your trouble anymore, due to the fact we're going to come up with the very best manner to do away with stains and maintain your garments white each time.  

** Sodium bicarbonate  
Dissolve 1 cup of baking soda in 4 liters of water and wet the clothes.This is the correct way.

** Aspirin  
melts 6 shaken aspirin tablets in a small amount of water. Soak your garments for 1/2 of an hour, and wash as usual. You nevertheless revel in carrying your best white dress.

** Vinegar & Lemon  
The mixture of vinegar and lemon juice is the most effective stain remover you have ever used. Wash your garments with this, and you will in no way see the ones unpleasant stains again.You will really like the citrus scent on your clothes.