Do it yourself to remove mold


Mold is a naturaly fungus invisible to the naked eye.If mold becomes too large, it can cause health problems.They can be planted throughout the house. 

Some signs of mold or unnecessary moisture :

Spots of different colors, but usually green or black:
+ On the wall, ceiling or carpet,  
+ around windows,  
+ closets, etc.; 
+ There is a unique aromatic smell.

Dark circles, warping, chipping, or other signs of water leakage on walls or ceilings may indicate a problem hidden behind the material.

If any mold is visible or there are any signs of mold, be sure to passThoroughly inspect the house to find out the cause and take appropriate measures to correct the situation. 

If you are a renter or landlord and notice mold in your home, consult our Help and Resources department.

Tips for determining possible causesCheck outside at least once a year to make sure everything is in good shape:

seal joints
exchange, etc.
Manage rooms regularly and inspect all rooms at least once a year.The traces of sealing and mold are like this:  basement behind the  cabinet and so on.

Avoid mold growth
Act fast if the water spoils

The presence of standing water, leakage, or material soaked in the water contributes to the formation of mold.

Wash all damage and dry with water within 24-48 hours.