Baked Potato Casserole with Bacon Recipe


This plate is great for any meal or holiday occasionally .If your family and friends like potatoes, they will like this dish.My family loves potatoes, and when we get together, I look for new cooking methods.I recently made it for a Labor Day weekend picnic, and now some people may double or halve this recipe.Also check out our recipe for Cajun Fried Potatoes.

* Ingredients :

° 5 pounds Yukon Gold baked potatoes
° ½ teaspoon kosher salt
° 1/3 pepper  black  ground
° 2 pounds thick, cooked, shredded bacon
° 2 c sour cream
° 2 grated mozzarella cheese
° 2 cheddar cheese grated
° 4 green onions chopped
° 1 bottle squeeze

* Directions  :

 Cast sour cream to a squeeze bottle.Preheaat oven to 351 degrees also brush a 9 13 baking pan with cooking spray, let apart .Cutting baked potatoes to small pieces.Placing half of chopped potatoes on the bottom of baking plate and sprinkle with salt also pepper.Placing semi of the cooked bacon on potatoes.Sprinkling sour cream on bacon, it will not totally cover and soak it; everything is good.Sprinkle with half of raw cheddar cheese; mozzarella cheese in a potato casserole.Put the last layer of potatoes on top of the cheese.Drizzle with remaining bacon and drizzle with sour cream.Sprinkle the remaining cheese on the garlic.
Covering with tin foil, putting the oven and baking for 30 min 
Take the potato casserole out of the oven and let it cool down a bit and serve hot

Enjoy !