This recipe for the Classic Homemade Beef Stew is super easy to make, and super heavenly. A one-pot meal that is hearty, flavorful, and filled with tender beef morsels, potatoes, and carrots. A steamed dish made up of a savory and beef meal, this chili recipe is comfortable and thy perfect lunch. 

This simple and healthy beef stew recipe can be made in a few different ways: in an instant pot, slow cooker, in the oven, stovetop... We will show you on our website all sorts of ways to cook this delicious beef stew. And You show us the different ways you use to cook a delicious beef stew. Tender, melt chunks of beef in your mouth with fluffy, soothing potatoes and carrots. We are sure that you are going to love this beef stew recipe that is the best one you've ever had!


- 2 Tbsp.Of All-purpose flour.

- 1/2 Small spoon.Of Ground black pepper.

- 2 pounds.Of Beef stew meat, I cut it into small cubes.

- 4 Cups.Of Potatoes pieces, I cut each potato into small cubes.

- 4 Cups.Of Water.

- 2 Cups.Of Beef broth.

- 2 Cups.Of Chopped fresh tomatoes. 

- 1 Cup.Of Fresh green beans, I cut into 1” pieces.

- 1 Cup.Of Fresh corn kernels.

- 2 Cups.Of chopped Carrots.

- 1 small spoon.Of Dried rosemary.

- 2 tbsp.Of Olive oil.

- 1/2 small spoon.Of Salt.


• Step 1 - First, add some oil to a big pot and brown the beef in the oil. Then, gently stir in the flour and cook until the beef is a little more cooked. 

• Step 2 - Then, add the water and broth together and season with salt and pepper. 

• Step 3 - Then heat it on medium-high heat until it boils, reduce the heat, and simmer for one hour. 

• Step 4 - All right, place the potatoes, carrots, and rosemary in the mixture and simmer for another 1 to 2 hours. 

• Step 5 - To end, you'll want to combine the corn, green beans and cook for 30 minutes and of course, ENJOY  IT!!!